The Street Department is responsible for the system of roads, bridges, sidewalks, curbs and stormwater drainage within the city. In addition to routine maintenance, approximately $225,000 per year is dedicated to new overlay of existing streets. 

The city receives a portion of gas tax for the maintenance of connections to two major highways which run through the city, US 69 and US160.

Revenue Sources: Property Tax, Sales Tax, Gas Tax

2021 Street Budget: $651,996.00

2021 Highway Budget: $67,608.16

The 2021 Street Overlay Project is scheduled for the middle to late October. The following streets will receive an asphalt overlay:

  • Catalina Street
  • McKinley Street from Hugh to Dittmann
  • Cedar Crest
  • Avondale
  • Homestead Lane
  • Goodhall
  • Sugarcreek Road & McKay intersection 
  • Willard from Maple to Dead End
  • Lanyon Street patch east of Santa Fe
  • Maple Street from Willard to McKay
  • Harris Street from Maple to Neary Drive
  • Kennedy Street from Parkview Drive to Dittmann
  • Various patch jobs

Total Cost: $225,909.00

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