The Street Department is responsible for the system of roads, bridges, sidewalks, curbs and stormwater drainage within the city. In addition to routine maintenance, approximately $225,000 per year is dedicated to new overlay of existing streets. 

The city receives a portion of gas tax for the maintenance of connections to two major highways which run through the city, US 69 and US160.

Revenue Sources: Property Tax, Sales Tax, Gas Tax

2021 Street Budget: $651,996.00

2021 Highway Budget: $67,608.16

The City of Frontenac has placed a sales tax question on the November ballot asking citizens to renew a .25% sales tax which expires in July, 2022. This tax generates approximately $225,000 annually needed to overlay and maintain our streets. Without the sales tax, the city may require a property tax increase of around 9 mils to make up the lost revenue.

We appreciate the support and vote on this issue.

The 2021 Street Overlay Project is scheduled for the middle to late October. The following streets will receive an asphalt overlay:

  • Catalina Street
  • McKinley Street from Hugh to Dittmann
  • Cedar Crest
  • Avondale
  • Homestead Lane
  • Goodhall
  • Sugarcreek Road & McKay intersection 
  • Willard from Maple to Dead End
  • Lanyon Street patch east of Santa Fe
  • Maple Street from Willard to McKay
  • Harris Street from Maple to Neary Drive
  • Kennedy Street from Parkview Drive to Dittmann
  • Various patch jobs

Total Cost: $225,909.00

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