The City of Frontenac has a policy of open government. The public has a right to access records when decisions are made that affect our citizens. 

The City Administration has taken huge strides to make the process for accessing records open and available at City Hall and online. Staff will make records available in a timely manner when requested. This website is specifically designed to be updated to provide as much information as possible.

The Kansas Open Records Act, also known as KORA, is a set of Kansas Statutes governing the access to public records, including exceptions. The Kansas Attorney General has provided a link to frequently asked questions regarding KORA. Any other questions may be directed to  the City Clerk. 

Although not required, a form is provided below, as well as at City Hall, to help facilitate requests for records. All records must be submitted in writing to the City Clerk at:

313 E. McKay St.

Frontenac, KS 66763

Kansas statutes allows cities to recover costs associated with records requests. Fees may apply for certain requests.

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