Animal Control is a division of the Frontenac Police Department primarily responsible for enforcement of City Ordinances on dogs as well as enforcing State Animal Cruelty laws. Dog owners are required to annually license and provide proof of rabies vaccinations for their dogs. Dog registration helps the Police Department to return loose dogs to their owners. Our officers will make every effort to return animals to their rightful owners. In the event a dog cannot be returned to its owner, it is housed at our animal shelter and ultimately adopted or turned over to the Southeast Kansas Humane Society. 

Dogs can be registered at the Frontenac Police Department located at 199 N. Crawford St. Fees are $10 for each neutered or spayed dog and $20 for each unneutered or unspayed dog. Boarding fees may apply if a dog is kept overnight. 

The Animal Shelter, located at 829 W. McKay St. was renovated in 2014 to include climate control for six dog runs. 

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